Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Corellium iOS VMs for Individuals

Corellium (tweet):

While we have previously supported virtual iPhone and iPad devices for Enterprise accounts, our Individual accounts only offered virtual Android devices. Now, both individuals and enterprises can virtualize both iOS and Android device models.


One of the other considerations we faced in introducing iOS-based devices for individual accounts is continuing our efforts to limit the use of our software for malicious purposes. We have always vetted our customers, and we have not only declined sales, but also revoked customer accounts for violating our terms. In this regard, we wanted to ensure we would be able to use the same vetting process for individuals that we already use for enterprises.


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I don't think this is aimed as me, as a developer, but I just don't 'get' the security angle here. I can imagine certain uses, but I don't truly understand what this is for. Is it a tool for researching ways to uncover vulnerabilities in your own apps? Other apps? The OS? The website doesn't really explain what 'security research' actually means in terms of why you'd want a virtual iOS device running on the web, and on the page for the product I do understand the obvious benefit of -- automated app testing -- it just says that's "coming soon".

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