Friday, January 1, 2021

FilmNoir Rejected From the App Store

Tom Angistalis:

It was surprising to be honest that it was approved on first try. I was expecting some changes to be made around the subscription stuff. Nice to have it ready for release!

Tom Angistalis (via Dave Wood):

I spoke too soon. I seriously don’t understand how App Store review can be that inconsistent.

We had an approved app, waiting to be released and just after 2 days our minor update was rejected as a form of spam.

What does it mean though? There are tons of @trakt clients in the App Store. There are tons of @Twitter or @reddit clients in the App Store. By that definition those apps should not exist.

Tom Angistalis:

The full rejection message from the App Review team. Does anyone understand what the action points are?


Maybe I should have waited before posting about it but it’s so stressful. Last time we waited 3 months before complaining on Twitter in order to get a technical issue resolved.

Tom Angistalis:



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