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The Big Sur Sneeze

Brent Simmons (tweet):

As I’m using my 2019 16" MBP, it lets out, at some random moment, a startlingly aggressive “Fehhhhh,” and then it shuts down.

It sounds as if the fan goes to 11 for about a second, and then it turns silent and dark.

Update (2021-01-01): Ken Harris:

If “big sigh” means it gets really slow, then the display partially turns to random noise, and it goes black, and dumps me back at the log-in screen after a minute, then yes. Seems to be a #macOS Catalina issue here.

Update (2021-02-09): This just happened to me. A minute or so after waking my 2019 16" MacBook Pro running macOS 11.2, it made a surprisingly loud sound and went black.

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That is how my 2019 15" MacBook Pro died. It happened 2 or 3 times, never recovered the last time. Had to get the logic board replaced. Within 3 months, half (3 of 6) of the MacBooks in my department were in the shop for similar repairs.

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