Wednesday, December 23, 2020

How Amazon Wins

Dana Mattioli:

No competitor is too small to draw Amazon’s sights. It cloned a line of camera tripods that a small outside company sold on Amazon’s site, hurting the vendor’s sales so badly it is now a fraction of its original size, the little firm’s owner said. Amazon said it didn’t violate the company’s intellectual-property rights.

Via Dave Mark:

The article goes on and on, but you get the idea. The sense here is that Amazon wants to replicate every product it sells, discarding partnerships once they have their own version of that partner’s product.

Update (2021-01-01): Jon Stokes:

It’s worth nothing that Amazon has lied under oath about this business of copying sellers & crushing them.

Boris Mann (tweet):

I know there are well meaning open source folks at Amazon. I use Amazon for infrastructure. I think AWS has amazing operators.

But your actions and culture are actively damaging. If you only listen to the law, rather than ethics, courtesy, and a spirit of partnership, we will evolve licenses that force you to behave.


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