Friday, December 18, 2020

Apple Silicon Mac mini for Continuous Integration

Peter Steinberger (tweet):

There’s a detailed article coming next in our series about Continuous Integration for Small iOS/macOS Teams that goes into more detail on this setup. Of course, there have been a few issues along the way to make the automation work with Apple Silicon.


On Apple Silicon, the main APFS container is disk3 and not disk1. Currently this change is hardcoded, eventually I’ll modify the the script to parse diskutil list to detect the container automatically. It took me quite a while to understand why Cinc stopped with Error: -69493: You can’t add any more APFS Volumes to its APFS Container”.


Some features in our iOS PDF SDK use WKWebView, like Reader View that reflows PDFs so they are easier to read on mobile devices. These tests crash with a memory allocator error on Big Sur.


launchctl changed a bit in Big Sur and now throws “Bootstrap failed: 125: Unknown error: 125” or “Load error 5: input/output error” if the service is already running.

The performance is 10% faster for iOS 14 but slower for older versions that run in Rosetta. The big win was finding some bugs that only happen on arm64.

Peter Steinberger:

Been updating the machines to Big Sur 11.1… did Apple just completely override our custom ssh configuration in that update?

Constantin Jacob:

This is 95% of the hard part of maintaining macOS CI infrastructure. The problem is Apple. MacStadium can’t help you with this and will tell you kindly, nobody at AWS is even going to pickup the phone for this shit and nobody at Apple understands what you’re complaining about


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