Friday, December 11, 2020

Swift Concurrency Interoperability With Objective-C

SE-0297 (via Doug Gregor):

The proposed solution provides interoperability between Swift’s concurrency constructs and Objective-C in various places. It has several inter-dependent pieces:

  • Translate Objective-C completion-handler methods into async methods in Swift.
  • Allow async methods defined in Swift to be @objc, in which case they are exported as completion-handler methods.
  • Provide Objective-C attributes to control over how completion-handler-based APIs are translated into async Swift functions.

The detailed design section describes the specific rules and heuristics being applied. However, the best way to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the translation is to see its effect over a large number of Objective-C APIs. This pull request demonstrates the effect that this proposal has on the Swift translations of Objective-C APIs across the Apple iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS SDKs.


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