Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Sketch’s Big Sur App Icon


“We experimented with moving away from the diamond, but that seemed a little silly considering that it’s such a strong part of our brand,” he explains. “So we created a bunch of new diamond shapes — some with perspective, some without; some with more faces, some with less.” From there, it became of question of which ones worked best, and how to integrate these elements with different backdrops.


Getting the balance right between the foreground shapes and the background was particularly tough. “Something we found out very quickly was that there was often a visual struggle between the rounded rectangle backdrop and the diamond,” he says.


The rounded rectangle background is actually a simplified representation of Sketch’s Big Sur user interface, and the Sidebar on the left has transparency, which means it ever-so-slightly takes on the background color of your wallpaper.” The diamond itself got some love too — Prekesh redrew and re-colored it from scratch to improve the contrast and make it slightly more vibrant. Plus, a new, deeper shadow makes it feel like it’s really floating in front of the UI.


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