Monday, November 23, 2020

SF Symbols 2.1

Mike Stern:

SF Symbols 2.1 is out. Over 40 new symbols, improved symbol localization, design refinements, and various software fixes.

Geoff Hackworth (tweet):

Apple’s SF Symbols app has no release notes and the What’s New category doesn’t contain the symbols that were added or renamed in v2.1. In fact there are fewer symbols in this category in v2.1 than in v2.0: two symbols that were renamed have been removed without their replacements being added. The app shows OS availability (and other information) for the selected symbol in the side bar. Availability information is missing for the new symbols in v2.1. This makes it difficult to discover what has changed between versions.


The 41 symbols in the screenshot above annotated with 14.2+ are completely new in iOS 14.2[…]

Noah Gilmore:

There are a bunch of new symbols - you can view the changes here, but I’ll include a list of new symbol names at the bottom of this post in case someone Googles for them. Some additions are relevant to recent events (like aqi.high), new products (like appclip), or just more general objects (like building). My personal favorite is candybarphone.


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