Friday, November 13, 2020

Evernote Goes Electron


We’re excited to share the all-new Evernote app for Mac. The new app provides a more modern appearance and streamlined Evernote experience.

Ilja A. Iwas:

If you have been relying on AppleScript to export your data from @evernote, you might be in for a surprise after the upgrade to version 10. Sidenote: Built with Electron Framework. 😭🤦‍♂️

Previously, you could import from Evernote to EagleFiler just by selecting the notes and pressing EagleFiler’s capture hotkey. But that feature relies on AppleScript, which was removed in the switch to Electron.

Evernote 10 also no longer supports local notebooks or exporting to standard formats like HTML. However, you can still export to ENEX format and use EagleFiler to convert the ENEX to RTF files. If the notes have embedded images, you’ll instead get RTFD files.


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Off the top of my head, apps that aren't native anymore:

- Evernote
- Slack
- Figma (replacing sketch)
- VSCode
- Skype
- Spotify (?)
- Xara (transitioning)
- Sketchup (transitioning)
- G-suite (vs Word, etc)

With the new "faster" M1, expect more. These "apps" will be M1 ready from day-1, and all that.

...and you can't select more than 50 Evernote notes at a time. At least you can still export a notebook all at once.

FWIW, the old Evernote 7.11 still seems to be syncing and working fine.

Like many, I don't much like Electron apps. Then again, I'm liking the Apple ecosystem less and less too: telemetry, Little Snitch being neutered, walled gardens, etc. At least these Electron apps run anywhere, like in linux and BSD. Could be good for Mac refugees.

Evernote now is an app of 429Mb :-( !

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