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Slingbox Discontinued

Walt Mossberg:

The @slingbox, which let you view your home cable TV on a PC anywhere, has been discontinued. It was an innovative, exciting product from a small startup.


Its time has now gone, but it was the very kind of small company innovation many wish for today. Here’s my review of that first Slingbox model in 2005[…]

Slingbox (via Hacker News):

Slingbox servers will be permanently taken offline 24 months after the discontinued announcement date (November 9, 2020), at which point ALL Slingbox devices and services will become inoperable.


Customer data will be handled in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Does that mean they’re going to sell it, where legal?

Nick Heer:

You’re going to think that I am taking these questions out of context on Slingbox’s FAQ but I promise you that I am not[…]


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