Thursday, November 5, 2020

macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 Release Candidate

Juli Clover:

Apple today seeded a macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 release candidate to developers for testing purposes, with the new beta coming one week after the first macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 beta was released.

Note that macOS 11.0 has not been released to the public, nor did it have a release candidate. And there is no standalone download for the release candidate. You need to use the Beta Access Utility to update an existing macOS installation.

Xcode 12.2 also has a release candidate. However, unlike with GM builds, the archive expands to a beta app. So, presumably, this is not suitable for submitting to the Mac App Store.

Dave Nanian:

Today marks the first day during Big Sur’s development that I’ve actually been able to make a bootable copy.

The first day it’s been possible at all. Today. November 5th.

November. 5th.


Update (2020-11-07): Apple:

You can now submit apps built with Xcode 12.2 Release Candidate using the SDK for iOS 14.2, tvOS 14.2, watchOS 7.1, and macOS 11.0.1 Release Candidate to the App Store.

Steve Troughton-Smith:

You cannot:

  • Mention macOS 11, Big Sur, or Apple Silicon in your release notes

You can:

  • Submit an app built with the macOS 11 SDK
  • Submit an Intel+Apple Silicon app
  • Submit from a machine running Xcode 12.2 on macOS 11.0.1 on Apple Silicon

Frank Reiff:

Given the impossibility of mentioning either Big Sur or Apple Silicon, I’m going to spend the next few days readying Mac App Store submissions but wait till after Tuesday’s event to submit them for review.

Matthias Gansrigler:

You’ll notice that the first item in the release notes reads “Improves compatibility with macOS”

I’d have loved to state that the app is now compatible with Big Sur, and runs natively on Apple Silicon. But I’ve heard reports (nothing official) that you’ll get rejected for it.

Max Seelemann:

Xcode 12.2 RC is crashing for me when trying to submit a universal Mac app to the App Store.

Also happens on the command line when using “xcodebuild -exportArchive”.

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Even though the Xcode 12.2 RC expands to "", you can use it to submit to the MAS. The previous beta did not allow it, but I just tried, and this one does.

@Michael Great, thanks for letting us know!

Oh, come on. It's right there, on top of release notes. Does nobody read them anymore?

*Known Issues*
A red beta sash appears on the app icon, even though this is a release candidate of Xcode 12.2. (70739528)

Mike Bombich will like that. Now maybe they can get CCC to work correctly with Big

@V It’s not just the icon but also the name of the app. Nowhere does it say that you can submit to the App Store. Nor does it say whether there’s any difference in meaning between “GM seed” and “release candidate.”

Has the Apple Mail data loss been fixed in the latest macOS 11.0.1 (20B5022a) Big Sur Release Candidate (RC)? Thanks.

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