Monday, October 12, 2020

MacUpdate Acquired by Clario

Thomas Reed:

Just learned that MacUpdate was purchased by the company that makes MacKeeper in July. 👀

Andrew Okhota:

MacUpdate has announced its new ownership as part of Clario. There will be no change to MacUpdate as a platform and no change to MacUpdate community teams and management. Clario will invest in MacUpdate to provide an even safer environment for downloads and support an improved experience for the MacUpdate community.


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I stopped downloading installers from MacUpdate when they started bundling adware (although I seem to remember that they only did that for some time), but it was still the main go-to place for me to look for reviews of Mac applications.

Maybe people will start to post more reviews to Or are there other popular sites for Mac app reviews that I'm unaware of?

It's not a review site, but I do recommend MacUpdater as an app update tool for Macs running High Sierra and above. It's been very reliable in my experience, with no evidence of shenanigans.

Corentin Cras-Méneur

I used to religiously use MacUpdate (the website and the app). The app had more and more issues that never got fixed, the site started putting ads everywhere even for subscribers and I progressively also shifted away to using MacUpdater from too. Haven’t been happier since :-)

I was surprised to discover MacKeeper is no longer listed at MacUpdate. I Googled to see if others had commented about this, which led me here. It appears Clario decided to hide the archive of MacKeeper user reviews.

Thanks for the pointers to MacUpdater. I won't be renewing my MacUpdate subscription when it expires next week.

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