Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Luna Display for Windows


Tens of thousands already use Luna Display for Mac and now we’re bringing that same magic to Windows. Whether you’re working remotely, looking to maximize your workspace, or seeking more creative flexibility - Luna has you covered. As the only hardware solution on the market, you can...Turn any iPad into a wireless second display for your PC or Mac[…]

Matt Ronge:

We tried to use Objective-C on Windows, it didn’t work.


Rust has been a GREAT choice for cross-platform work. Our core engine is in Rust and we use language bindings to C# (Windows) and Objective-C (Mac/iPad) for the UI.


There’s a huge opportunity outside of the Mac ecosystem. There are literally 10x as many Windows users as there are Mac users!

So we are super excited about the opportunity in front of us.

Jonathan Deutsch:

There’s a lot to the story; the interesting bit is a company once firmly entrenched in the Apple and Mac ecosystems now embraces Microsoft Windows.

It is a bright outlook: Luna’s kickstarter just hit 2x its goal.

Hell has frozen over because Apple became cold to its developers.

It’s sad to see top developers pushed to Windows. However, it makes total sense for something like Sidecar to be built into iOS and macOS. And all is not lost on macOS, since Luna Display has some advantages over Sidecar.


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Developers aren’t the only ones Apple is “cold” to. Chatted with a 3D artist last night, his next acquisitions will be Windows 10 workstation (for rendering) and a laptop running the same. He simply can’t justify the cost, and WIndows 10 (to him) seems to be a more stable, cost-effective plaform now. GPUs on the intel/windows side are VERY reasonably priced at this time.

And if Luna is going Windows then one “half Sherlocked” feature isn’t going to make a difference. Cook doesn’t understand that the developers make the platform. And if they leave, the creatives will follow.

This blog entry from the Luna folks makes for interesting reading. They’re seeing the “creatives exodus” as well.

Windows development sucks. I wish there was a port of AppKit/Cocoa to Windows. Hell, I'd even take something sufficiently similar.

@hans, There’s cocotron, which is more windows centric and updated than GNUStep IIRC. On the web, there’s Cappucino, which seems old and creeky on the surface, but to my surprise, it’s actually still being maintained.

Windows development sucks. I wish there was a port of AppKit/Cocoa to Windows.

There is (Cocotron, as someone mentioned), but I wouldn’t really recommend it for serious software.

However, that’s painting with a broad brush. What have you tried? WPF, for example?

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