Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Third-Generation Apple TVs Suffering From Software Update 7.6

Adam Engst:

Third-generation Apple TV users are now experiencing crashes when pausing YouTube videos, and others are having intermittent AirPlay problems that include freezing and audio-only over a blank screen. The only workarounds are to wait 90 seconds for the Apple TV to time out and reload the Home screen, or to restart the Apple TV either by pressing the Menu and Down buttons on the remote simultaneously or by power-cycling the unit. There are also problems with loading Apple TV+ shows promoted in the What to Watch area at the top of the Home screen, though they load fine when accessed from within the Apple TV app.

It’s apparently possible to downgrade a third-generation Apple TV, but it requires some potentially iffy software downloads and connecting the Apple TV to your Mac.

And the Remote app has been broken with 3rd-generation Apple TVs for years.


Update (2024-06-04): Tim Hardwick (Hacker News):

Netflix will no longer support second-generation and third-generation Apple TV models from July 31, 2024, the company has announced in an email to some subscribers.

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And some people will still claim that Apple's software quality these days isn't half-baked...

I'm on 7.6 and have the You Tube problem. I also don't like how they removed the ability to place the icons wherever you want (the Apple apps cant be moved from the top row), they added Apple TV+ app but didn't add an Apple Music app so cant use my subscription. The remote app works fine for me though, never had a problem with it. Lucky i usually only watch the baseball on this AppleTV ...

@Gary It’s typing from the Remote app that no longer works for me. The keyboard will either not pop up, or stay popped up after tapping the button, or show the wrong prompt.

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