Monday, September 28, 2020

Apple’s Use of Swift and SwiftUI in iOS 14

Alexandre Colucci (Hacker News):

iOS 14.0 contains a lot more binaries using SwiftUI. The primary reason is without a doubt WidgetKit, the first public SwiftUI-only framework. Each widget available in iOS 14 appears in this list. Another shiny new iOS 14 feature is the Translate app which appears to be built with SwiftUI.


If we exclude the Swift libraries, iOS 14.0 contains 291 binaries using Swift, more than doubling the number from iOS 13. It is also worth noting that SwiftUI has been quickly adopted in iOS 14 with 43 binaries.

I like seeing dogfooding.


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I like seeing dogfooding, too. In the latest release of macOS, it looks like there is 1 app built partially with SwiftUI, though it includes nibs for all the views I see, so I can't tell what it's used for. That would explain why SwiftUI on macOS is so bad: Apple isn't using it yet.

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