Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Forbidden Controls in Catalyst’s Mac Idiom

Peter Steinberger:

With macOS 11 Big Sur, Catalyst learned a new presentation mode. Next to the classic mode where Catalyst apps are scaled to 77% and retain their iPad-look, there’s a new Optimize Interface for Mac mode that doesn’t use scaling and replaces various UIKit controls with AppKit counterparts.


Back to our crash - things make a bit more sense now. There’s no great equivalent for UIStepper in AppKit, so the folks at Apple decided it’s better to throw an exception if this control is used. FB8727188

The problem: It’s not documented which controls are disallowed, and even more problematic, some controls are allowed, but customizations are disallowed.


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I wonder what percentage of developers feel like they’re in an abusive relationship with Apple?

BenG: Those would be the developers publishing on the App Store. Mac developers, OTOH, feel like they're in a neglected relationship. And then there's folks like steipete who are gluttons for both!

I dunno, there may be more outcry from iOS devs these days since App Store policies are enforced so arbitrarily and unfairly. Like you could spend months or years developing an app and then Apple will just not approve it for some nitpicky arcane reason. Or they take 30% of your revenue but not 30% from Uber or Facebook or Amazon. That sure seems abusive to me.

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