Friday, September 11, 2020

New Apple Store Guidelines for Reader Apps


3.1.3(a): Reader apps may offer account creation for free tiers, and account management functionality for existing customers.

I wonder whether Netflix will start offering a free tier.

3.1.3(f): Free Stand-alone Apps: Free apps acting as a stand-alone companion to a paid web based tool (eg. VOIP, Cloud Storage, Email Services, Web Hosting) do not need to use in-app purchase, provided there is no purchasing inside the app, or calls to action for purchase outside of the app.

I’m not sure whether this changes anything for apps like HEY, Fastmail, and WordPress, except to more explicitly allow them. They already don’t have to use IAP if they don’t sell anything within the app. And they’re already not allowed to mention or link to the world outside the app. Presumably, they will still be required to “work” if the user doesn’t already have an account.

Michael Love:

The old bit about ‘must not directly or indirectly target’ for discouraging IAP has been greatly pared back; now it only applies to communication within the app or ‘communications sent to points of contact obtained from account registration within the app.’

This is a most welcome change, since it means we can say whatever we like on our websites / newsletters (if you don’t tie those to accounts, which thankfully I don’t) / etc. (just have to be careful how we link to the website within the app, I guess)


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Extremely trivial nit: it's "Fastmail" now, not "FastMail".

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