Friday, August 28, 2020

VMware Fusion 12

VMware (tweet, also: MacRumors):

Fusion 12 Player replaces Fusion 11.5 ‘standard’, and follows the same pricing and licensing model as Workstation Player, meaning that it is both free for Personal Use, but requires a license for Commercial Use.  Fusion Player has the same features as Fusion 11.5.x ‘standard’ and more.

However, for business use the price is increasing from $79 to $149.

Matthew Guay (tweet):

So last year we picked 100 popular business software, dug through blog posts and the invaluable Wayback Machine, checked each year’s pricing for the decade from 2009 to 2019, and calculated the software inflation rate.


If pricing did go up, though, on average it went up 47% since its last price change (which, on average, came 4 years ago). Asana, Teamwork Projects, and PivotalTracker each went up around 10%—so Asana now costs a dollar more per user each month. Others saw a 30-50% price bump. PieSync went up the most, with its price nearly tripling since its acquisition by HubSpot.

You had nearly as good of odds of your software getting cheaper this year, as 8% of products saw their price reduced an average of 32%. Notion made their personal plans free, as did GitHub along with reducing all their plans’ prices. AWS took 1-12% off their services. GoToMeeting costs less than half what it did last year. Drip and LucidChart had raised their prices in 2019, then brought them back down this year.


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