Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Another MacBook Pro Flexgate Lawsuit

Hartley Charlton:

The second class-action complaint argues for violation of competition, false advertising, and consumer fraud laws. Apple is also accused of violation of the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, and breach of express and implied warranty, in addition to fraudulent concealment and unjust enrichment.

Plaintiffs are seeking a range of relief measures, damages, and court fees. They also hope a judgment will compel Apple to identify and declare all defective MacBook Pros.

Why didn’t Apple just make the repair program available to all the affected models?


Update (2021-04-16): Sami Fathi (tweet, 9to5Mac):

As reported in a paywalled report from Law360, Judge Edward Davila sided with the plaintiffs by agreeing that testing the laptops before their release would have informed Apple engineers of the issue. Hence, the company knowingly sold the laptops with the defect.


According to Talehspour, Apple deliberately deleted comments and threads from its Apple Support Community Forum, which often serves as a go-to place for crowdsourcing information on potential issues with Apple devices. Talehspour accues Apple of deleting comments that outlined “ Flexgate “ and the issues around the display. The judge says that if the accusation is true, it will act as further proof that Apple was aware of the issue.

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> Why didn’t Apple just make the repair program available to all the affected models?

Because an MBA beancounter “tumbled the numbers” and it was cheaper *not* to do so.

“Customer goodwill” or “retention” are never factors in these calculations these days.

They used to be in the 90s but not now? Guessing there was fundamental change in how MBAs are taught.

Cook should know better, he’s a graduate of the 80s-90s before that “stint” at Compaq that shapes his methods to this day.

Apple has done this for yearrrssss… even the NVIDIA GPU extended warranty from a decade back had the same caveats. Same GPU, same logic board, but different CPU? Sorry, no coverage. Apple was being compensated 100% by NVIDIA for the repairs and Apple still acted like asses about it.

So frustrating.

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