Thursday, August 20, 2020

What Changed Before SwiftUI 1.0

Kuba Suder:

However, I was surprised to see how many of those things I wrote down don’t work anymore.[…]

And the problem is that all those old APIs are still there in the WWDC videos from last year. But WWDC videos are usually a very good source of knowledge, people come back to them years later looking for information that can’t be found in the docs, Apple even often references videos from previous years in new videos, because they naturally can’t repeat all information every year.

This was bothering me enough that I decided to spend some time collecting all the major changes in the APIs that were presented in June 2019, but were changed later in one place.

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So we've gone from "No Overview Available" requiring scrubbing WWDC videos (or skimming their transcripts), which was already pretty bad, to "well, can't even rely on those any more, since they're from a pre-release". Cool.

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