Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Making an iOS Default Browser or E-mail Client

Apple (MacRumors):

In iOS 14 and later, users can select an app to be their default web browser or email app. To make your app a choice, confirm that your app meets the requirements below, then request a managed entitlement.


Apps that have the managed entitlement may not claim to respond to Universal Links for specific domains. The system will ignore any such claims. Apps with the entitlement can still open Universal Links to other apps as usual.

Because of their privileged position in a user’s web browsing, browser apps should avoid unnecessary access to personal data. Apps that use any of the following Info.plist keys while using the managed entitlement will be rejected[…]


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I had to go as far as set up an account in just so I could get to the preferences and change the default to Outlook. Crazy.

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