Thursday, July 30, 2020

Keeping Dropbox

David Sparks:

iCloud Drive and sharing have not failed me. On the contrary, they have worked better than I expected.


The trouble is those instances where I am not in control. For example, I have many clients who have never heard of iCloud Drive and do not own Macs. They have, however, all heard of and installed Dropbox. When you work in a service industry, adopting a technology that requires your clients to change their technology never works.


I did not install the Dropbox app on my laptop but instead use their web interface when I need to access my Dropbox storage. It cuts me out of a lot of automation, and it is generally slower, but I can avoid its intrusive install this way.

Bradley Chambers:

I love iCloud Drive, and I’ve been using it as my primary file storage method for a couple of years at this point. […] The only thing I am not using is the legacy shared folders I have in Dropbox. My biggest complaint about iCloud Drive is that the deleted file restoration pales in comparison to Dropbox.


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