Tuesday, July 14, 2020

The WWDC Format

Benjamin Mayo:

The technical sessions were also all pre-recorded this year … and they should keep them that way. It was brilliant. The seminar format conveyed the information with more detail and more clarity. For learning materials, that’s exactly what you want.

I enjoyed the new format, too, and I like how it allowed each session to be its natural length. But I really miss the PDFs of the slides and the transcripts. I hope they’re just not ready yet.


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I did think it was weird that the PDFs weren't available. I also hope they get released soon. It's nice to have something to refer to.

I'm not sure where the PDFs are at, but the transcripts are available in the Developer app. There's a segmented control with a "Transcript" label beneath most videos. Unfortunately, I can't find a convenient way to download them. There is a kind of nice feature, though, where tapping on part of the text in a transcript will take you to the portion of the video where those words are spoken.

The transcripts are already available (for some times) on the Developer app (at least in macOS version, I don't have the iOS version here to check).

Agreed, It wasn't just the format but the timing slot. If you have LOTs of important information they video / slots could be as long as you want. But if it was just something that is 10min long than keep it 10 min was perfect. The old system was trying fit everything within designated time slot. The new system is much more concise.

May be WWDC could be both online and offline. Where they continue with the online Video format and offer in person talks with more questions time.

Thanks for the reminder about the transcripts in Developer app. Too bad they aren’t on the Web where they’d be more easily downloaded, searched, or viewed on Mojave.

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