Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Lightroom Classic 9.3

Sharad Mangalick:

A new hue editing control is available as a local adjustment control. Local Hue can be used for both corrective and creative purposes. Local Hue gives photographers the ability to subtly nudge hue to clean up uneven skin tones.


An ISO Adaptive Preset allows a single preset to apply different edit settings to different photos depending on their ISO. For example, you could have a single preset that applies different levels of noise reduction to high ISO images and low ISO images.


With this release, you will experience performance improvements for the following:

  • Scrolling through your catalog grid in the Library module using arrow keys, mouse, trackpad, or touch. Most noticeable with larger catalogs.
  • Searching and filtering large numbers of collections.
  • Scrubbing edit sliders in the Develop module.


With this release, AVI files are supported on macOS.

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