Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Claquette 2.0


Adds support for importing and converting videos and GIFs

Adds support for iOS device recording


Adds cursor click and drag visualizations for screen recordings

Adds support for creating and managing export presets


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The pricing model confuses me (I see that a lot with App Store stuff, so maybe it's me?).

It's "free", but with three in-app purchases: "Standard", "Upgrade" (I'm guessing that's only for people who have 1.x?) and "Pro". My guess is the free version is a lite variant of Standard. But, the only mention of in-app purchases in the description is FCP X export — presumably, that's a "Pro" feature? Or maybe it's a "Standard" feature?

I understand that the App Store's textual description can make it hard to convey information, but… you have an entire website, and it doesn't mention pricing at all. Why?

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