Friday, May 29, 2020

Swift AWS Lambda Runtime

Tom Doron (also: Hacker News):

It is my pleasure to announce a new open source project for the Swift Server ecosystem, Swift AWS Lambda Runtime. Distributed as a Swift package, the Swift AWS Lambda Runtime is designed to help Swift developers build serverless functions for the Amazon Web Services Lambda platform.


When using serverless functions, attention must be given to resource utilization as it directly impacts the costs of the system. This is where Swift shines! With its low memory footprint, deterministic performance, and quick start time, Swift is a fantastic match for the serverless functions architecture.


Modeling Lambda functions as closures is both simple and safe. Swift AWS Lambda Runtime will ensure that the user-provided function is offloaded from the network processing thread to its own thread so that even if the code becomes slow or unresponsive, the underlying Lambda process can continue and interact with the Runtime engine.

Update (2020-06-02): Fabian Fett (tweet):

This tutorial shall help you to get started with our new shiny toy swift-aws-lambda-runtime. It’s a beginners’ tutorial focused primarily on the AWS console, since it is the easiest way to get up and running. Further the Lambda we create here is very simple for the purpose of concentrating on project setup and deployment.

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I've added some tooling to make that a lot easier: (there is also a blog entry about it

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