Thursday, May 28, 2020

Camo Beta

Reincubate (tweet, via Joe Cieplinski):

Want to look your best on video calls? The camera on your iPhone or iPad is leagues ahead of any webcam on the market, and Camo makes it easy to use your iPhone as a webcam.

iPhone cameras are getting better whilst webcams get worse. As the Wall Street Journal reported, the 2020 MacBook Air’s camera is worse than the 2010 model. Even the new MacBook Pro only does 720p, which even YouTube doesn’t consider “HD”.

Great idea. I expect it to get Sherlocked soon.

See also: Pretty Much All Laptop Webcams Suck, Laptop Webcams Are Kind of Terrible.


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This looks interesting. However, it's not the first product in this area, check out EpocCam. I agree that this seems like an obvious way for Apple to extend Continuity functionality. Maybe it will be in 10.16.

I’m kinda dumbfounded that Apple hasn’t already released Mac and PC apps that do this. The current apps which claim to let you use an iPhone as a webcam all suck, they’re not reliable and latency is often an issue (can I get my money back?). Apple should jump all over this given the current world scenario. It’s the least they could do.

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