Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Don’t Bury a Wet Laptop in Rice

Kevin Purdy (via Josh Centers):

Most importantly, don’t try to use rice to “draw out the moisture.” It doesn’t work, at all. You’re giving water more time to corrode your laptop, and you’re probably getting rice inside your laptop or under your keys.


If you can remove the bottom of your laptop, or even just open up a battery/memory/hard drive compartment with a switch on the bottom, do that.


Here’s the trick with most MacBooks out there: the screws on the bottom are pentalobe screws. Specifically, they are P5 screws. They’re intentionally uncommon.

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When I had some electronic equipment get under water, I found some distilled water ASAP and drenched the device in it, washing out the "dirty" water as much as possible. Pure distilled water doesn't harm most electronics, as they're usually coated or non-corrosive. It's the other stuff in the water, such as salts, that cause the real trouble.

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