Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Logic Pro X 10.5

Apple (MacRumors, Hacker News):

Apple today unveiled a major update to Logic Pro X with a professional version of Live Loops, a completely redesigned sampling workflow, and new beat-making tools. With its collection of powerful creative features, Logic Pro X 10.5 will be a massive release for all musicians, including those producing electronic music.

The “biggest update to Logic since the launch of Logic Pro X” seven years ago is a free update that doesn’t bump the version number to 11. Apple hasn’t figured out App Store upgrade pricing yet. It has detailed release notes.


Update (2020-05-28): Jason Snell:

I had to use GarageBand last night for a project and was reminded that seven years ago I wrote about three features Apple could add (that Logic already has!) that would make it perfect for podcast editing.

Seven years later: Nope.

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Ben Kennedy

A raft of meaningful small changes, and great comprehensive release notes of nearly BBEdit-level quality. It's a relief and delight to see this level of detail these days.

Favourite section: “Logic no longer quits unexpectedly” followed by a bulleted list of 22 (!) circumstances in which it used to crash.

Favourite entry in that list: “Occasionally when left sitting idle.”

Sören Nils Kuklau

Rare for Apple to write detailed release notes these days, so, kudos. A bit hard to find your favorite bug in there, though. When I write release notes, I try to query and then reference related ticket numbers so customers have a chance to see if their "favorite" bug is in there.

I updated to 10.5 and nothing changed, the thing still has the R record enabled instead of the white dot. can I uninstall logic and re-download with no recharge

Yes Jeremy.

That could also be because you have “advanced features” enabled, not sure.

But you can definitely delete and reinstall any App Store-purchased app without being charged again. Good luck!

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