Thursday, May 7, 2020

Zapping the PRAM for Catalina Permissions

Erica Sadun:

Ran into trouble this weekend where I was unable to add permissions for a number of apps to allow access to my microphone and camera.


With some help from Bas Broek and this article, which specifically addressed the inability to grant access in Catalina, I discovered that rebooting with a NVRAM/PRAM reset might help. It sounded like sacrificing chicken entrails but it worked. While a regular reboot didn’t help, the Cmd+Option+PR reboot did.


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I have to zap PRAM on every OS update for my MacBook Pro (currently on High Sierra, but this started on Sierra or El Capitan), just to make iChat/Messages work. Signing out of iCloud in Messages doesn't help, messing with the keychain doesn't help…all addresses on prior chats show up as red, and I can't send or receive new ones. Zapping PRAM fixes that, so I assume some login credential is being stored in PRAM, but this is all mindbogglingly dumb, and it only happens on one of my computers.

Maybe I need to rebuild the Desktop to really fix the problem, or update prebinding and repair permissions.

Surely there is a way to clear these variables other than zapping pram? Crazy.

Either way, glad the problem has a solution.

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