Tuesday, May 5, 2020

iPhone SE Haptic Touch and Notifications

Juli Clover:

Customers who have purchased the new 2020 iPhone SE have found a surprising missing feature - Haptic Touch does not work with notifications.

On the 2020 iPhone SE, long pressing on a notification in the Notification Center or on the Lock screen does not appear to bring up rich notification options to allow iPhone SE users to interact with incoming content.

Benjamin Mayo:

Apple should let the SE do long press notification previews, no reason for it not to. FWIW the XR didn’t support it at launch either; it was added in a point update.

John Gruber:

A lot of complaints about this, and rightly so, from folks upgrading to the new SE from older iPhones that supported 3D Touch.


I’m not even entirely sure that that’s the full explanation for why this is, and it’s my job to stay on top of stuff like this. All I know is that there is only one iPhone in Apple’s current lineup that doesn’t support long-pressing notifications and that phone is the SE, the very newest model, and that doesn’t make sense.

Nick Heer:

This is such a bizarre and seemingly arbitrary limitation. There is no reference to it in the iPhone user guide, and it is the only iPhone model with either 3D Touch or Haptic Touch where this specific interaction and no other is not present.

Meek Geek:

Also: No reason why swipe-from-bottom multitasking gestures available on iPads with Touch ID are held back from iPhones, except for upsell & profit.


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It’s funny to see so many people lose their shit to what is almost certainly a bug/oversight that will get fixed soon.

Sören Nils Kuklau

Has to be some bug they ran into lats minute and decided to resolve in a later point release. As Mayo notes, there is precedent in the XR.


What’s a real bummer, and what I hadn’t realized at first, is that this model would have neither the 6S-through-8 multitasking gesture of deep-pressing the left edge, nor the X-through-11 gesture of half-swiping up from the bottom edge. Sounds like the only way to get to the multitasking screen is double-clicking the home button, which I’ve always found a little awkward.

That said…

Also: No reason why swipe-from-bottom multitasking gestures available on iPads with Touch ID are held back from iPhones, except for upsell & profit.

Not everything is a conspiracy.

They probably plan to sell the SE for a few years, and so they probably removed 3D Touch now so they can simplify software and hardware engineering/logistics.

When they no longer sell the 8 at all (even to special markets like India and Brazil that seem to get some models for longer), they can stop purchasing 3D Touch parts. And when they no longer support the 8 in software, they can remove those code paths.

Now, the comment says swipe-from-bottom multitasking gestures, but… swiping from across the home button, vertically? Doesn’t sound any less awkward than double-clicking home to me.

Pointing out a bug/oversight is still helpful, no?

Also, as someone who had to run an official hack to get external display output (not mirroring!) on G4 iBooks, when the PowerBook G4 did support the feature with the same video card, I can empathize with those assuming this oversight is merely forced product segmentation.

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