Monday, May 4, 2020

The App Coalition

The App Coalition:

The App Coalition is the first organization devoted to developing forward-looking policies to protect consumers in line with their increasing reliance on apps and to ensuring that consumers have unfettered access to the content of their choosing on their devices through those apps. Additionally, the Coalition seeks to educate stakeholders about the app economy to ensure a fair market in line with both consumer laws and consumer expectations.

Naomi Nix and Ben Brody (via 9to5Mac):

The App Coalition’s main trade group competition is ACT-The App Association, which weighs in on policy issues affecting developers, but also counts Apple and Microsoft Corp. as sponsors, according to its website.


Among the other policy issues the group plans to focus on are privacy and content moderation. Gregory Guice, also of McGuireWoods Consulting, said the group would advocate against unnecessary intrusion by platform companies into apps to moderate content. He added that the App Coalition also plans to support laws that would spell out exactly what kind of data can be collected from users and how it can be used.


Although the group said it isn’t focused on competition issues initially, it said its long-term focus is on creating “a market free from control by artificial barriers, such as those created by gatekeepers.”


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