Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Service Station 1.0

Service Station (via Peter Kamb):

Customize your Finder context menu with applications and scripts.

Set up Rules for different sets of file types. Show custom menus depending on which types of files and folders you right-clicked.

I’m a keyboard person, so I have done this sort of thing by writing AppleScripts (BBEdit, Preview, Terminal) and invoking them via FastScripts. This app seems very well done, though, and makes it easy to configure different apps for different situations. It’s free with a $15 IAP to enable unlimited menus/apps and to run scripts.

(Note: Despite the name, it doesn’t seem like this relates to the Services menu.)

Update (2020-05-06): Jason Snell:

So if you want, for example, all image files to feature Photoshop and Preview at the top of the Finder contextual menu when you right-click on them, you can do that. Select the app, and the file will be opened in that app. (Yes, you can navigate to the Open With submenu to do this—but the entire point of Service Station is to float the items you want to see to the very top of that menu.)

It took me a little while to figure out how to adapt my homebrewed automations for use with Service Station. My complex Automator actions that had been saved as Services needed to be re-saved as standard Automator Workflows, but then worked unmodified. Because Automator is the only approved way to build a Quick Action, a bunch of mine were actually just AppleScripts or shell scripts wrapped in a single Automator “do script” block. I pulled that code back out of Automator, made a couple of small changes, saved it in Service Station’s scripts folder, and everything worked just fine.

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This is very well done for a v1.0, and I should be moving away from older, abandoned and problematic apps that solved this problem: ContextMenu and FiScript

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