Monday, April 13, 2020

SoundSource From Rogue Amoeba (Sponsor)

My thanks to Rogue Amoeba for sponsoring the blog this week.

Do you ever listen to audio on your Mac? Then SoundSource is for you. It lives in your menu bar and provides you with superior control over all your audio.

SoundSource From Rogue Amoeba

Take control of audio on a per-application basis. Now you can change the volume of any app relative to others and play individual apps to different audio devices.

Add effects to any audio, too. The Magic Boost and Volume Overdrive features let you hear your audio even in loud environments, and the built-in equalizer can sweeten the sound. Advanced users will love the ability to apply Audio Units to any audio.

SoundSource also provides fast access to the settings for your Mac’s Output, Input, and Sound Effects audio devices. Adjust levels, tweak the balance, and even switch sample rates, right from the menu bar. You may never need to open the Sound System Preference again!

SoundSource is made by Rogue Amoeba, the masters of Mac audio who bring you Audio Hijack, Airfoil, and more. Download the free SoundSource trial today. Through the end of April, readers of this excellent blog can save 20% with coupon code MJT20.

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Hey, you have a sponsor, Michael :)

Judging from the list of posts under the tag 'sponsor', it's a new thing... Curious to see if that becomes a more common occurence!

Hey, sponsored posts do not bug me, if they are clearly marked as such and within the scope of the site. This post meets the former requirement, clearly marked content and the latter seems true as well, Mac developer sponsoring a Mac developer blog.

In fact, I've already forwarded this sponsored post to my Mac using friends because Rogue Amoeba makes great stuff. Soundsource is the type of excellent Mac software I miss since switching to Linux. Nice looking, easy to understand, and easy to use. Reasonably priced too.

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