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Resources for Learning Objective-C and AppKit

Jeff Johnson:

Back then, about 15 years ago, if you wanted to develop for the Mac, the recommended programming language was Objective-C, and the recommended application framework was AppKit, so I learned them. […] Since these technologies have unfortunately fallen out of favor, the resources for learning them are not as readily available as before. It appears that many would-be Mac developers don’t even know where to start learning. That’s where I come in, as someone who has been there before. There’s no definitive way to learn, but I can offer some suggestions from my own experience.

There’s also lots of great information in the Apple and Omni Group mailing list archives.



"Cocoa Programming for OS X" by the Big Nerd Ranch folks may be a few years out of date but is still what I'd recommend to someone who wants a guided learning tour of mac app development.

Sometimes it's best to have someone not just give you answers but also help you figure out what questions you should be asking.

@MyLittleMetroid I read the first edition and can confirm that it’s a great book. I suspect it’s still quite relevant.

In my excellent developer guide "De Re mulle-objc" :), the second page gives a list to the online resources I could find, that deal with learning Objective-C from the start. The link is in my clickable name, hopefully.

I read the first edition as well. Great book. The fourth edition is the last Objective-C edition, and still great and relevant.

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