Monday, April 13, 2020

Resources for Learning Objective-C and AppKit

Jeff Johnson:

Back then, about 15 years ago, if you wanted to develop for the Mac, the recommended programming language was Objective-C, and the recommended application framework was AppKit, so I learned them. […] Since these technologies have unfortunately fallen out of favor, the resources for learning them are not as readily available as before. It appears that many would-be Mac developers don’t even know where to start learning. That’s where I come in, as someone who has been there before. There’s no definitive way to learn, but I can offer some suggestions from my own experience.

There’s also lots of great information in the Apple and Omni Group mailing list archives.

Update (2020-12-08): Isaac Halvorson:

I started cataloging some macOS dev resources in a git repo a while back.

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"Cocoa Programming for OS X" by the Big Nerd Ranch folks may be a few years out of date but is still what I'd recommend to someone who wants a guided learning tour of mac app development.

Sometimes it's best to have someone not just give you answers but also help you figure out what questions you should be asking.

@MyLittleMetroid I read the first edition and can confirm that it’s a great book. I suspect it’s still quite relevant.

In my excellent developer guide "De Re mulle-objc" :), the second page gives a list to the online resources I could find, that deal with learning Objective-C from the start. The link is in my clickable name, hopefully.

I read the first edition as well. Great book. The fourth edition is the last Objective-C edition, and still great and relevant.

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