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Apple Mail’s Magic Mailboxes

Chris Hynes:

One of my proudest achievements on the team (and at Apple) was brainstorming with my team members and pushing an idea we internally called Magic Mailboxes and eventually became called Combined Mailboxes.


The 4 “combined mailboxes” (INBOX, Drafts, Sent, Trash) would get top billing, positioned at the top of the list, with unique and large icons to distinguish themselves


Clicking on any of the combined mailboxes would show the union of all the messages in all accounts

Flipping open a disclosure triangle on one of the combined mailboxes

Remember that drawer?


Update (2020-03-27): See also: Hacker News.


Love finding out how this came about. The way handles multiple accounts with this piece of UI is still one of its greatest strengths.

I remember that drawer and miss it. I suppose I'm a bit biased though, as I miss drawers in general.

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