Friday, March 13, 2020

Sparkle Project Needs Help

Kornel (via Vadim Shpakovski):

I don’t have enough energy to give this project attention it needs. I’m also mostly developing in Rust these days, so Sparkle doesn’t “scratch my itch” any more.

This project is quite important for security and health of non-walled-garden apps for macOS.

I need your help in getting Sparkle 2 out of the door.

Update (2020-03-27): Graham Miln:

I open sourced our updater. It takes a different approach to Sparkle – being based on packaged installs. Works well with sandboxing.

Update (2020-04-08): Squirrel:

Squirrel is an OS X framework focused on making application updates as safe and transparent as updates to a website.

Instead of publishing a feed of versions from which your app must select, Squirrel updates to the version your server tells it to. This allows you to intelligently update your clients based on the request you give to Squirrel. The server can remotely drive behaviors like rolling back or phased rollouts.

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Manjunath Basaralu Srinivasa

Hi there,

I have worked on various products in the past that have used Sparkle including Sourcetree in the recent past. I work at Atlassian and would like to help out in whatever way I can. This is the first time I would be involved in an open-source project and I'm happy that I am finally doing it now.


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