Friday, February 28, 2020

Shadow Cloud Gaming Service Removed From the App Store

Tim Hardwick (Reddit):

Cloud gaming service Shadow has had its apps removed from the App Store after it was found to be in violation of Apple’s guidelines.

For those unfamiliar with the service, Shadow allows subscribers to play triple-A titles on their smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes and computers, while high-end remote servers take the burden of processing the graphically intensive games.

Is this another case where Apple wants them to remove In-App Purchase? If so, how was it approved the first time?


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Actually, the Shadow app does not allow per see to buy anything.
If the problem is that you can install an app on the remote PC that allows you to buy software. Even the browser that run on Windows can be used to by software.

If this the reason they banned the app, then they need to ban all the PC/Mac remote control apps.

This is presumably also why Steam Link was banned, and was only allowed back when buying games was disabled. But here, the company that offers the streaming service and the company you buy games from aren't even the same. Like Mickaël says, Shadow is just offering access to a PC in the cloud. The fact that Apple banned this because you can use the app to remote into a PC in the cloud and then buy something during that remote session is just moronic.

That’s now Stadia, Xcloud, GeForce Now, and Shadow that are severely limited on iOS. Serious gamers might be forced to move to Android if Apple doesn’t let up.

To emphasize this point, I see why Apple thinks they benefit from crippling their competitors, but I am having a hard time seeing the benefit to these policies for developers nor consumers.

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