Friday, February 7, 2020

Tracking Subscriptions

TJ Luoma:

With subscriptions being an important part of modern digital life, it seemed wise to find a way to keep track of them. First I turned to Bobby, which is an iPhone app that has been mentioned a few times on Mac Power Users for managing subscriptions.

Having used it quite a lot now, I can say that Bobby is both great and frustrating.


But the truth is that App Store subscriptions are easy to find and manage. It’s all of the other subscriptions that are harder to remember, but it’s worth taking the time to pay attention before you get another email thanking you for renewing a subscription that you had entirely forgotten about.

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I've had decent success with keeping an OmniFocus list for subscriptions (and all other regular expenses). In addition to the OmniFocus' review, I have them pop up on my radar a few days before they're due, allowing me time consider if I want to keep the subscription.

Step 1: Subscribe to YNAB.
Step 2: Enter all your recurring expenses. If you miss any, add them when they renew.
Step 3: Manage your budget and plan for your upcoming spending according to the YNAB methodology
Step 4: Profit! (For real)

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