Friday, January 31, 2020

Overcast 2020.1

Marco Arment (tweet):

Voice Boost 2 achieves the same goal as the original Voice Boost, but with dramatically more sophisticated methods, leading to more consistent results and much better sound quality.


I had to write every component from scratch, without using AudioUnits, because I wanted to understand and control everything, ensure the highest performance and sound quality, and avoid Apple’s platform-specific API limits.


Voice Boost 2 normalizes all podcasts to –14 LUFS — a level I chose because it closely matches the volume of Siri and most iOS turn-by-turn navigation voices, so when you’re listening to a podcast while driving, navigation interruptions are less jarring.


There’s a new per-podcast setting to skip a given number of seconds from the start and/or end of its episodes.


Going 13-only so soon was a mistake. Hear why on Under The Radar 181 and 183.


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Yeeeesh. He finally fixed the broken Search! I’m kinda dismayed that AFAIK he never even acknowledged it was broken, and it took so many months to fix it (from a dev who is so vocal about Apple’s poor software quality, no less....) but maybe I’ll switch back to Overcast if the new audio stuff really is noticeably better than Pocket Casts.

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