Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Messages Screen Sharing for Remote Troubleshooting

Joseph Keller:

You can invite someone to share your screen, or request or be invited to share the screen of another person’s Mac, and it’s all done through Messages. This is a great way to help troubleshoot problems on a remote Mac[…]

When this works, it’s great. But I’ve found that sometimes, for no discernible reason, the command to start sharing the screen just isn’t there.

If you’ve got a problem with an iOS device, you can get some remote help with it using Messages screen sharing and QuickTime Player on your Mac. While the person from whom you’re seeking help won’t be able to remotely control your iOS device, they will be able to watch as you perform the steps necessary to fix it yourself.

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I’ve used this method of screen sharing. Both Macs were using AT&T Fiber internet service, but my iMac 2017 and the other Macbook Pro 15-inch had trouble with connection speed .. I couldn’t use remote control and the image of the remote MacBook updated very slowly. I
I have used Teamviewer much more successfully between Macs further apart.

Apple added support for iOS screen sharing a year or two ago and it amazes me that they never added native support for it to iMessage. I have had every family member I occasionally help with tech support install skype on their iPhones because skype is one of the few apps to add support for the feature. Now in a skype call they can directly share their iOS screen with me - no clunky QuickTime hack necessary.

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