Monday, December 23, 2019

Chuck Peddle, RIP

Mike Mika:

On Dec 15th, we lost Chuck Peddle, the lead designer of the MOS 650x series microprocessor and the Commodore PET. His processor was the heart of the Atari 2600/5200/400/600/800, Apple II, NES, VIC-20, C-64, Kim-1, Master System, Lynx, BBC Micro, arcade games and so much more. RIP

Bill Mensch (Hacker News):

In the Spring of 1974, Chuck asked me to head a semiconductor engineering team to design a microprocessor family of chips that the world knows as the 6502 family of chips. We left Motorola as a team on August 19, 1974 to begin work at MOS Technology.


The TFC chip was designed using my 65C02 microprocessor with high-speed DMA features for USB FLASH Modules Chuck planned to manufacture sell. The TFC used Chuck’s patented “page-mode” concepts for replacing bad pages with “good” pages within tested “bad” segments. Chuck wrote the Assembly language code for the TFC. Chuck had negotiated a relationship with FLASH memory suppliers to support his “page-mode” business.


Chuck’s latest work was on Solid State Disc (SSD) drives, used some of the TFC concepts for high speed DMA transfers.


Update (2019-12-26): See also: Cade Metz (Hacker News).

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I loved the 6502. On it I learned programming. At that time it seemed foreign and mysterious, yet logical. The 6502 put me in touch with the "truth", that BASIC was shielding me from. Since then I have been on the non-Intel path and I promptly stopped coding in assembler, when I had to move to Intel platforms eventually (curse you Apple :) ).

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