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Twitter for Mac 8.1

Nolan O’Brien:

Along with all the improvements that go into Twitter for iOS, we’ve also worked on some Mac specific things


Fixed: scrolling would temporarily stop working when closing certain windows using ESC key

Fixed: secondary clicking on a username would break secondary clicking for remainder of app session

Fixed: when under the Messages tab, navigating into “Message requests” would not offer a way to back out other than clicking the Messages tab again

Fixed: some windows could be dragged from anyone in their UI to move their window.


It’s good to see them iterating quickly. These look like a bunch of Catalyst-specific fixes, mixed in with more general improvements.

Leo Natan:

The new version is a great improvement!

I am seeing a consistent CPU usage when the app is idle.


Update (2019-10-31): Nolan O’Brien:

We have submitted Twitter for Mac v8.1.1 for review w/ a change to work around keyboard input issues in secure text fields.

The crux of the change will be to add a modifier to all keyboard shortcuts.

e.g. To “like” a Tweet, the shortcut of L will be updated to be Command-L.

It’s too bad Catalyst requires this. In Tweetbot, I can just press F with my left hand while my right hand is on the mouse.

See also: Mike Beasley (via Hacker News).

Update (2019-11-02): David Chartier:

The fact that dragging a photo out of Twitter to the desktop creates a .webloc file instead of, you know, a photo is…. terrible.

Update (2019-11-05): Matt Birchler:

Text editing specifically is really hard to justify and is not what I would expect from any app on the Mac.


Why does Twitter suddenly and without warning speed scroll when new tweets arrive. Super annoying

Sören Nils Kuklau

@ Mike: the 8.1.5 release notes suggest that what you describe may have been a bug.

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