Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Twitter for Mac 8.1

Nolan O’Brien:

Along with all the improvements that go into Twitter for iOS, we’ve also worked on some Mac specific things


Fixed: scrolling would temporarily stop working when closing certain windows using ESC key

Fixed: secondary clicking on a username would break secondary clicking for remainder of app session

Fixed: when under the Messages tab, navigating into “Message requests” would not offer a way to back out other than clicking the Messages tab again

Fixed: some windows could be dragged from anyone in their UI to move their window.


It’s good to see them iterating quickly. These look like a bunch of Catalyst-specific fixes, mixed in with more general improvements.

Leo Natan:

The new version is a great improvement!

I am seeing a consistent CPU usage when the app is idle.


Update (2019-10-31): Nolan O’Brien:

We have submitted Twitter for Mac v8.1.1 for review w/ a change to work around keyboard input issues in secure text fields.

The crux of the change will be to add a modifier to all keyboard shortcuts.

e.g. To “like” a Tweet, the shortcut of L will be updated to be Command-L.

It’s too bad Catalyst requires this. In Tweetbot, I can just press F with my left hand while my right hand is on the mouse.

See also: Mike Beasley (via Hacker News).

Update (2019-11-02): David Chartier:

The fact that dragging a photo out of Twitter to the desktop creates a .webloc file instead of, you know, a photo is…. terrible.

Update (2019-11-05): Matt Birchler:

Text editing specifically is really hard to justify and is not what I would expect from any app on the Mac.

Update (2019-11-26): Peter Steinberger:

To access Page Up/Page Down key on iOS/Catalyst, there’s no other way than using the undocumented UIKeyInputPageUp/UIKeyInputPageDown constants on UIKeyCommand?

Marcel Weiher:

I guess that’s why the up/down arrow keys don’t work in the new Mac Twitter client... 🤦‍♂️

John Gruber:

So I check the Memory tab: 223 GB.

Catalyst is great — it’s super good for the Mac platform that developers who can’t write real Mac apps can now write apps for the Mac.

Sarcasm aside, it’s actually astounding that this new MBP can handle an app with a 223 GB memory leak and remain completely responsive.

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Why does Twitter suddenly and without warning speed scroll when new tweets arrive. Super annoying

Sören Nils Kuklau

@ Mike: the 8.1.5 release notes suggest that what you describe may have been a bug.

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