Thursday, October 24, 2019

GarageSale 8.0


If you work with GarageSale on severals Macs you might find the new Synching feature helpful. Once enabled your GarageSale database will be synched between your Macs. The Synching feature requires a GarageSale Pro subscription.


Print generic shipping labels or packing slips that you can add to the shipment or use them to find the ordered items in your warehouse.


You can “detach” a popup from its original position and move it to a permanent location on your screen. Great for preventing it from auto-closing while switching to another app or for working on multiple listings at the same time.


GarageSale 8 comes with a powerful search and replace function that works on the entire database or the current selection. Easily edit title, description and other fields of all your listings in one go.

Looks like a big update to this thoughtfully designed app for selling on eBay.


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