Monday, October 21, 2019

WKWebView Scroll Position

Brent Simmons:

In NetNewsWire, I use JavaScript evaluation with a WKWebView to get the current scroll position.

It broke in Catalina. I used document.body.scrollTop to get the y position, which appears to always return 0 now.

Workaround: window.pageYOffset seems to work.

Phil Dokas:

The workaround I found was document.documentElement.scrollTop. This one’s mutable where window.pageYOffset is read-only.

It’s a long road to replace the WebView APIs that worked for so long.

Matt Netkow (via Michael Love):

Recently, Apple introduced a new App Submission warning stating that they are formally deprecating UIWebView. We wanted to let the Ionic community know what this warning is all about and how the Ionic team plans to address it.


Sometime in the future, iOS apps may be blocked from release to the App Store when Apple decides to enforce blocking apps that use UIWebView.


The Cordova team is actively discussing a plan to move forward. This will take time as they plan the best way to move forward without severely impacting users.


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