Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Taiwan Flag Removed from iOS Emoji Keyboard in Hong Kong

Kris Cheng (via Daniel Sinclair):

According to an article on Hiraku, a blog about Apple devices, any device model with “CN” or “ZA” region – denoting China and Hong Kong – will not have access to the Taiwan emoji via the keyboard.

If users have a device from another region, but they set the region to Hong Kong or Macau, the Taiwan emoji will also disappear.


Last year, HKFP reported that the names of some Chinese state leaders and activists were deemed “inappropriate words” and censored shoppers hoping to engrave their iPad, iPod Touch or Apple Pencil with a custom message.

Jeremy Burge (Hacker News):

Previously restricted on Chinese iOS devices, all other regions of the world have continued to enjoy access to all flags in the iOS emoji font, until now.


Notably, the emoji 🇹🇼 Flag: Taiwan is still supported by iOS in Hong Kong. As of iOS 13.1.2, released last week, this is now hidden from the emoji keyboard but remains available by other means.


Apple’s Hong Kong approach differs from the complete ban on the emoji in China.


Update (2019-11-27): Tim Cook:

“China really hasn’t pressured us, and so I I don’t envision that,” he added.

John Gruber (Slashdot, The Talk Show):

If China hasn’t pressured Apple, why was the Taiwanese flag emoji removed from iOS devices in Hong Kong?

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