Friday, September 27, 2019

Twitter “Hide Replies” and Timeline Swiping

Tim Hardwick:

Twitter today rolled out its new “Hide Replies” feature in the U.S. and Japan, providing Twitter users with more control over the replies that are visible following a tweet.

The idea behind the feature is to give people more control over the conversations they start on the social media platform, so they can hide replies that are offensive and the hidden reply won’t show up to others as a response to the original tweet.


So people can post false information and hide/censor anyone who calls them out on their lies or conduct.

Ben Sandofsky:

Decided to try the “Hide Reply” feature, and I noticed the hidden tweets got way more attention than if I’d just ignored them.

It turns out this pop up appears when you visit my tweet.

Juli Clover:

Twitter today implemented a feature that’s designed to allow lists of Twitter users to be pinned to the Home screen and swiped between, allowing for easy access to multiple customizable timelines.

Update (2019-09-30): Colin Devroe:

Also, Lists do not suffer from the Home timelines terrible algorithm. For that reason alone it is worth building a List or two.


I cannot imagine using Twitter without Lists. So I’m glad they are investing in the feature rather than removing or ignoring it.

Update (2019-11-01): Devon Zuegel:

Fun to see people use Twitter’s new “Hide reply” feature to clean up threads!

They’re adapting the new tool—originally intended to remove abusive/spammy comments—for increasing the signal:noise ratio by hiding low-value responses (e.g. @threadreaderapp requests)

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