Monday, September 16, 2019

Notarization Provider IDs

Daniel Jalkut (tweet):

The steps for automating notarization involve running the “altool” command from Terminal. Everything in the guide linked above should work perfectly unless you’re a member of more than one development team. If you have more than one team associated with your Apple ID, the back-end at Apple doesn’t know which one it should notarize on behalf of.


All that said, here is a surefire list of steps for obtaining your ITC Provider ID, or as it’s described in the altool man page, your ASC Provider Shortcode.

  1. Create a new App-Specific Password from your Apple ID management page.
  2. From Terminal, invoke iTMSTransporter with the following options:
    xcrun iTMSTransporter -m provider -u <yourAppleID> -p <yourAppSpecificPassword>
  3. At your discretion, revoke the App-Specific Password you created for this process.

It seems to be my name concatenated with the old “person number” for my developer account.

See also: Notarizing Your Flash/Air Applications For macOS (tweet).


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Can't you just use the Team ID from your Developer Account membership page?

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