Monday, September 9, 2019

Twitter Is Finally Working on Search for DMs

Jon Fingas:

Twitter isn’t just launching a deluge of tests -- it just announced that a few sought-after features in the pipeline. Most notably, it’s developing a long-overdue search for direct messages. Although there aren’t many specifics at this point, it’s reasonable to say this will spare you from digging through a conversation to find a crucial message from days ago. The social network added that it’s “re-energizing” its work on DMs, so this is really just the highlight of a larger strategy.

Via John Gruber:

The lack of any search at all for Twitter DMs makes iMessage search seem useful.

At least you can somewhat search DMs from the Web interface or from a mail client, if you have notifications enabled. And you can search iMessage archives using EagleFiler. But, yeah, both of these new types of messaging have, for many years, had a worse search experience than e-mail and the forms of chat that preceded them.

Update (2019-10-04): Juli Clover:

Twitter today announced that its Direct Message (DM) search feature is now available to all users, allowing anyone to search through the DMs they’ve received.

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