Thursday, September 5, 2019

In-Screen Touch ID Coming Back to iPhone

Mark Gurman and Debby Wu:

The upcoming fingerprint reader would be embedded in the screen, letting a user scan their fingerprint on a large portion of the display, and it would work in tandem with the existing Face ID system, the people familiar with Apple’s plans said.


Apple is considering including this in-screen touch sensor in the 2020 iPhone model if testing is successful, the people said. Suppliers have proven their ability to integrate the technology into iPhones, but the company has not managed to mass-produce it yet, one person familiar with the development work said.

Having redundant sensors sounds wasteful, but I’m looking forward to this. The longer I use Face ID, the more I’m annoyed at how much slower it makes the common case of unlocking my phone as I pull it out of my pocket. Yet I don’t want to switch back to only Touch ID because there are cases where it doesn’t work at all.


Update (2019-09-06): John Gruber:

If true, I would guess this would be an optional way to increase security by requiring both Face ID and Touch ID authentication.

Update (2019-09-09): Joe Rossignol:

“Certainly, we’ll continue to put [Face ID] on more devices but also Touch ID will continue to have a role - it’s a great technology on our iPad lineup and we don’t see it going away anytime soon,” said Joswiak.

Update (2019-10-25): Josh Avant:

Apple is apparently curious about how many people miss Touch ID. (Source: Apple consumer survey for iPhone)

They also seem to know exactly why Touch ID is the superior unlocking technology.

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Alfonso Betancort Aguado

Be sure that some operations, like payments with ApplePay, some other critical changes in iOS and opening the iPhone after certain idle time, will require to be authenticated by both means or password.
Multi factor security have been always been considered a recommended practice in security field (online and offline).

Will Robertson

I really miss TouchID (only?) for validating purchases through the App Store and so on. Double click of the side button is extremely clunky. On my iPad I miss FaceID almost every day. Having both sounds good.

WOOO! I love TouchID and hate FaceID (the later being annoying and not as secure). I was planning on not upgrading from my iPhone 8 Plus (first time I would not have upgraded on a 2 year cycle) but this would make me reconsider!

I explicitly upgraded to an iPhone 8 plus last year because I *hate* FaceID. I don’t like the notch, and just do not like the idea of FaceID.

I don’t want facial recognition “security” on any device. Just do not want. It’s a bad idea.

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